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14 confessions of a horsey mum 11-2-2016 18:25

If you're a horsey mum there are one or two things you're bound to be guilty of — from using Mane & Tail conditioner on your children to picking them up from school in your breeches. How many do you admit to...?

If you're a horsey mum there are one or two things you're bound to be guilty of — from using Mane & Tail Condition... [Lees meer]

Riders flock to jump bareback in memory of popular amateur 11-2-2016 18:00

Bury Farm sees surge in entries as showjumpers line-up minus a saddle in memory of Russell Pearson... [Lees meer]

Jamie Wingrove takes a speedy start at MET2 11-2-2016 17:10

Today the Gold Tour kicked-off in Oliva at the MET2 Tour. In the opening 1.40m class a total of 74 combinations took the start.  44 qualified for the jump-off, with only 27 finishing double clear. Eventually it was Jamie Wingrove and the 9-year-old Carina (by Indoctro) who speeded to victory, stopping the clock in 29.52 seconds. Belgium’s Hendrik Denutte followed in a second place aboard Ant... [Lees meer]

Horse left to suffer with ‘horrific’ maggot infested wound 11-2-2016 15:55

A 19-year-old stallion had a serious wound that required several leg casts and a skin graft... [Lees meer]

7 horsey TV adverts you’ll want to watch again and again 11-2-2016 14:05

When it comes to winning around horsey people with an advert — we're not a hard audience to crack... [Lees meer]

Rider in serious condition after horse spooked by car 11-2-2016 13:56

The rider suffered a serious head injury after falling while out hacking with a friend... [Lees meer]

Emanuele Gaudiano injured but keeps competing 11-2-2016 13:21

The 29-year-old Italian show jumper, Emanuele Gaudiano, is ‘out’ for at least a couple of weeks. Gaudiano got injured while training some horses at his stable in Germany. The showjumper injured his ligaments, which causes doubt to determine his recovery period. Although he is forced to rest, Gaudiano will only take one week off from competition. Next week the Italian show jumper plans ... [Lees meer]



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