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FELIX / CHIO Dressuur Cup

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Sportpaardenveiling Dronten

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Women dead after moving horses 3-3-2015 02:53

When in November, a mother of two, was moving two horses between fields, she suffered fatal injuries. Last week an inquest was heard in Kent. The court in Maidstone heard that the 62-year-old suffered multiple injuries to her chest and heart. Her friend Jane Tipples told the court that she was helping to move the horses when she heard Mrs Turnbull “squeal” and turned to see her clutching her stomach. An ambulance crew spent 40 minutes trying to revive her but she died at the scene. Pathologist Dr David Rouse told the inquest how the nature of Mrs Turnbull’s injuries ruled out the possibility of a naturally occurring death and said they were consistent with being crushed. Her husband John told the court it had been “extremely difficult” to come to terms with her death. Source: Horse & Hound [Lees meer]

Peter O’Sullevan’s trust brings £600K for Brooke equine charity 3-3-2015 01:00

Latest donation of £50,000 to international equine charity.

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The Kate Nash Boone Style Award is for … 2-3-2015 22:39

Each year, top riders from around the world gather at the Winter Equestrian Festival during thee CSIO competition held Week 8. On Sunday, March 1, Mexico’s Nicolas Pizarro was presented with the Kate Nash Boone Style Award during the $150,000 Lugano Diamonds Grand Prix. The award is presented to the international equestrian who exemplifies best style of riding along with maintaining a sportsmanlike composure while competing in the CSIO at WEF during Nations Cup Week. The leading rider for the Mexican Show Jumping team, Pizarro is well known on the circuit for producing top horses and being a supportive teammate. “For me this award is really an honor,” smiled Pizarro. “I have had a great season here in Wellington. I really like to be a nice teammate. I try to give the best that I have in a positive way and be friendly to everybody.” The award is presented in memory of Kate Nash Boone, to honor the memory of Kate’s support and love of “all things equestrian.” Michael Meller of E2 Showjumpers awarded the trophy to Pizarro for Boone’s friends and family. “It is very exciting to present this award to Nick,” said Meller. “He truly exemplifies good sportsmanship and is always happy to help riders and offer a smile. It is so important to have athletes like him in the industry that our young riders can look up to. He understands the importance of giving back to the community and I know Kate would be proud to see his name on her trophy.” As the season continue, Meller and E2 Showjumpers continue to support the industry by sponsoring awards at Live Oak International in Ocala, FL, as well as the Dublin Horse Show in Ireland. Founded by the Gallagher Family and Meller, E2 Showjumpers produces some of the world’s top young show jumping mounts. Source: Phelps/ Equnews [Lees meer]

$A40m equestrian centre for Victoria found to be feasible 2-3-2015 22:31

However, upgrading existing facility seen as most cost-effective.

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Why mares are better … 2-3-2015 21:14

Most riders prefer not riding any mares. They have to many mood swings, they can be stubborn and not reliable in the arena … well here are some reasons why mares are a better pick. Thanks to Horse & Hound for the some of them. Up to you to decide if the same logic applies to humans. 1. Mares tend to have a greater sense of self-preservation. This means that even if they bolt away from that tractor, as long as you can stay on board — avoiding any low branches in the process — you should be all right. For similar reasons, they may be less likely to touch a pole showjumping. 2. On the same basis, a mare will also — fingers crossed — move out of the way of assailants in the field, rather than attempting to befriend them or wind them up with well-meant, affectionate, gelding-like pestering. And we’re all for anything that limits vet bills 3. Training a mare teaches you that, in the first instance, you’re far better off asking nicely for things than assuming you’ll get what you demand — a useful lesson to learn and apply to all areas of life 4. Training a mare will also improve your negotiation skills 10-fold, opening up a whole new world of career options, from mediator to United Nations peace envoy 5. To point out the obvious, you can’t breed a foal from your beloved gelding 6. You can put a mare in pink bandages and bling browbands without constantly having to correct people as to her gender 7. Mares are often sharper and smarter than geldings. As is not the case with a female of the species, although Horse & Hound states different here … :/ 8. Mares don’t pull the toggle on your waterproof jacket and ping it back at you for entertainment value, either. They have a clear sense of personal space — and would politely request that you remember this 9. Geldings are generally up for a cuddle. Mares make you work harder for any affection. It’s rather like having a cat as opposed to a dog. Geldings are every man’s best friends, whereas mares are selective and that makes their owners feel special 10. If we received a pound on every occasion we’ve heard a rider say: “If you get a good mare, they really, really try for you”, then we’d double our salaries Source: Horse and Hound/ Equnews [Lees meer]

Fifteen horses escape Massachusetts barn collapse 2-3-2015 21:12

Record snowfalls in the region claim another barn.

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Two of racing’s finest servants farewelled 2-3-2015 21:01

Passing of Creator and Williamstown at Old Friends in Kentucky.

More of the latest news from the horse world: Horsetalk: World equestrian news and information

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