You need to refill your credits for a subscription. Pay attention! Once you have completed the payment you need to activate the subscription


In order to make full use of the website, you must create a personal account, this can be done with the "register" button. You will enter the page where you can register as a user. Please fill in all fields as completely as possible, in the end you have your own uHorse.tv account.

TIP! Remember, keep or store your information well!

Recharge your amount

uHorse.tv works with a credit in Euros which you use to watch clips or livestreams, or get a subscription for a year.
You can upgrade your account using the "+" next to your credit top left, or via "My Account" - "Upgrade Credits". Next you need to select the amount of money and choose your payment method (iDeal or Creditcard). Our provider Multisafepay will then process the safe payment.

Your credit remains valid!

Video centre

In the video centre you can watch the recorded videoclips. The videos are stored per event, per day. You also have the possibility to search using the 'search video' system.

TIP! Use short terms or part of a name, if you do not find in your search results are sought clips.

You can refine your search using the search field or filters to the left of the results.

Watching a video clip costs € 4.00. And if you have a VIP special subscription you can view all clips free. You also have the option to download a clip for € 25.00 a clip.
You can watch / download a clip using the button right top of the video player.


We present during the entire year livestreams from leading equestrian events, you can watch the whole day for 5 Euro's. If we send more livestreams a day you have to pay per stream.

There is also an opportunity to take out a subscription for a year, you can follow all the live broadcasts from 150 Euro the year.