Horses for sale


Welcome to the sale page of Uhorse.tv

Would you like to offer your horse for sale but haven't got a clue which way to do this? Then we will be happy to help!

We offer you an excellent opportunity to advertise your horse in the best way through our website. Uhorse.tv has a worldwide reach to customers which gives the advertises a large reach.

What should you do to place an advertisement?

  • You choose the video you like to use from our video center
  • You fill in the advertisement with as much information as possible about your horse
  • You can add any links from YouTube videos
  • You can fill the advertisement with a picture of your horse
  • Don't forget to mention your own contact details

Once you are satisfied with the advertisement you agree with the conditions which mention that you are the owner of the horse.
If yes, then finish the advertisement and it will be visible on our website.
If you are not completely satisfied with the advertisement you can modify it,anytime you want.

The advertisement continues 30 days on our website. Of course we also do some marketing for your advertisement through sharing your video via our Facebook channel. Of course you can also share the advertisement via your own channels.