Blom's voorjaarswedstrijd Etten-Leur

03-04-2015 / 05-04-2015
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Presentation Sportpaardenveiling Dronten

16-04-2015 / 16-04-2015
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Sportpaardenveiling Dronten

18-04-2015 / 18-04-2015
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Jumping Schroder Tubbergen

06-05-2015 / 10-05-2015
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CDI3* Roosendaal

07-05-2015 / 10-05-2015
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‘We owe it to our horses': experts call for better bit research [H&H VIP] 27-3-2015 08:27

Dressage riders and vets are calling for further research into bitting — especially into the effects on competition horses. There …Continue reading »... [Lees meer]

Calls for further research into bitting [H&H VIP] 27-3-2015 08:25

Bits are an integral part of competition, and yet, say riders and vets, there is limited knowledge on their impacton dressage horses. But with more research in the pipeline, could this change soon?... [Lees meer]

Daughter of Hickstead showjumping founder jailed for avoiding death duty 27-3-2015 08:20

The daughter of a multi-millionaire entrepreneur who founded the home of showjumping has been jailed over a £500,000 tax fraud. Theresa Bunn, the third child of the late Douglas Bunn, lied to HM Revenue and Customs “purely to avoid tax” on her aunt’s estate after she left her more than £1.5million. Ms Bunn, 56, claimed she was left around £285,000 by Diana Vivien Pares-Wilson. Sh... [Lees meer]

Teenage Snowbirds? Just Part of Being a Young Equestrian and what about Europe? 27-3-2015 08:12

Some parents show their commitment to athletics by traveling to baseball doubleheaders in Yaphank, N.Y.; for others, it’s getting to an early morning hockey game at the Lasker Rink in Central Park. For the parents of the horse set, it’s commuting to the Equestrian events and tours. There is however a big difference between the commitment asked in the USA/Canada comapared to the one in Europe. For ... [Lees meer]

Hovis’ Friday diary: new shoes and a naked calendar 27-3-2015 08:00

Hovis was less than impressed when Cool New Shoes Man turned up unexpectedly and find out what 'half-naked' charity endeavour is in the pipeline...... [Lees meer]

Bedoya is Best in $25,000 Superior Energy Grand Prix 27-3-2015 07:51

In past years, Daniel Bedoya has sat in the bleachers during the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show and said to himself, “Next year I’m going to have one [in the class].”This year, not only did he have a grand prix horse, but he also had the winning one. Bedoya, of Magnolia, Texas, guided Quattro to the best performance in the $25,000 Superior Energy Grand Prix. Bedoya, of Bedoya Trainin... [Lees meer]

Andres Rodriguez and Caballito Win $34,000 Spy Coast Farm 1.45m 27-3-2015 07:47

A $34,000 1.45m FEI speed class was also held at WEF on Thursday with a win for Venezuela’s Andres Rodriguez and Caballito. Seventy five-entries showed, with 15 clear rounds. Rodriguez and Arao Enterprises Caballito had a blazing fast time of 62.13 seconds. They beat Kent Farrington’s round in 63.31 seconds with Haity McNerney and Amalaya Investments’ Cha Cha Cha 7. Alvaro Tejada (GUA) with Palo B... [Lees meer]



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